Pastry Shop

Since 1998, 4Seasons has been gratifying their customers' gourmet fantasies with the most delicious pastries.
Still improving on the legacy of the past, 4Seasons pastry shop is now a reference in Lebanese sweets. Our master bakers choose the best of nuts, pistachios, pine kernels, and other vitamin-loaded prime ingredients to give you the finest of oriental sweets.
The company policy is to maintain the quality of its products through selecting the best base ingredients and raw materials, improving the industry to satisfy its clients, and serving them faster worldwide by using modern packaging techniques, continuing to maintain this artistic and traditional handcraft through choosing qualified and experienced employees.
Now 4Seasons focuses on customers who want high quality products, packed in a very appealing package. Our customers might be large corporations, small or medium businesses, or individuals. Our product is positioned very carefully: this is high-quality sweet products that combines high skill workmanship and innovation for the customer who understands quality.

Principles & values that drive our policy...

   Quality Control Department monitored by Senior Management ensures a world         class dining experience.

   In house training of staff for exquisite service and quality of cuisine.

   Hygiene is given top priority to be maintained to international standards.

   Unique procurement system for selection of ingredients, that are handpicked and         imported to maintain the genuineness of all recipes.

   Consultant nutritionists cater to diabetic patients with special sugar free menu.

Banquet Hall

  4Seasons Hyderabad has a very elegant party hall with exclusive furnishings giving it the ideal ambience for big social gatherings like marriages and corporate conferences too. The efficient service along with additional, customer-friendly provisions for activities and entertainment is another reason why it is a hot spot for every event.
  Highest level of professional service has made it ideal for many a celebrations and events, elegant, beauty, and graceful decor, well maintained, courteous service, convenient,order food from, ample car parking, hospitality, warmth, vibrant, and classy at the same time, traditional dining experience, choose one that is easily accessible to you, pamper guests, reputation, quality service, affordable luxury and value for money, personalized attention, food will add extra spice to your endeavours.

The hall can accommodate 200 people makes it ideal for...

   Casual get-togethers.
   Birthday Bashes.
   Naming Ceremonies.
   Farewell Parties.
   Corporate Events.
   Training Programs.
    House Warming.